We offer dynamic and interactive professional learning experiences for groups and teams ranging in size from 2 to 500+ tailored to your specific learning objectives. The following is a list of sample trainings and workshops that UNLEASHED CONSULTING can provide for you.

Personal + Individual

Joyful Engagement at Work
Lessons from the science of positive psychology

The IQ of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
Accurately reading and relating to others

Knowing Me, Knowing You
Leveraging the Myers-Briggs personality types

Stuck in Neutral
Breaking free of your “immunity to change”

Managing UP
Influencing and communicating effectively with your manager

Green Boss and New Manager
Effective transitions, boundaries, and balance

Lasting Impressions
Managing your professional image

Interpersonal + Team

From Good… to Great!
Supervision best practices

Fertile Space Between Right and Wrong
Mediating and resolving conflict 

Motley Crews and Funky Bunches
Understanding group and team development

The Communication Compass: Leveraging
the Four Temperaments

Bridging personality differences

Critical Conversations 
Coaching and giving feedback 

Six Hats Meetings 
Adding value and freeing creativity 

Change + Organization

Caution: Merge Ahead
Leading organizational culture change

Open Space Technology
Large group problem-solving and action-planning

Change Management … You Go First!
Driving results, support and enthusiasm

The DMIS: “Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity”
A proven approach to fostering diversity and inclusivity

Learning Organizations 
The disciplines of the world’s best workplaces 

“Truly outstanding presentation that covered a lot of ground in a clear and concise way.
Danny is very dynamic, funny, charismatic, and skilled.”

Phyllis Schoenwald

Director of Medical Services, Planned Parenthood