Stop Kidding Yourself: Your Weak Core Managers Are Hurting Your Organization

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It’s time to wake up. It’s time to get to the gym.

Are you serious about leadership development in your organization? Do you want the best for your clients, customers, and company culture? Then get your head out of the “leadership cloud” and concentrate on your core! Just like your body, your core is so important – and so neglected.

While your organization’s executive leadership team sets the vision and your front-line employees do the day-to-day work, it’s your middle management layer — your core leaders — that serve as the unsung heroes bridging the gap. Strengthening this layer of leadership is crucial for the sustained growth and prosperity of your organization. Let’s get to work on your core!

Here’s your workout plan … are you hitting all the exercises?

1. SIT-UPS for Effective Communication

Middle managers act as conduits between senior leadership and the rest of the workforce. They interpret and relay the vision, goals, and strategies in a way that resonates with employees. Strong middle managers ensure everyone is on the same page. Are your managers able to navigate between the “head” and the “legs” of your organization?

(Muscles to grow: EMPATHY and FEEDBACK)

2. JUMPING JACKS for Execution of Strategy

Your middle management core leaders are the ones responsible for turning big ideas into actionable plans. They break down complex strategies into manageable tasks, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. 


3. PULL-UPS for Talent Development

Your middle managers are instrumental in identifying and nurturing talent within your organization. They provide coaching, feedback, and growth opportunities, which are vital for employee engagement and retention.

(Muscles to grow: LEADERSHIP and 1:1 SUPERVISION)

4. TREADMILL for Problem Solving

When issues arise, middle managers are often the first line of defense. Their ability to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently can prevent small problems from becoming big crises.

(Muscles to grow: PRIORITIZING and PLANNING)

5. JUMP ROPING for Adaptability 

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your middle managers must be adaptable. They can quickly respond to market shifts, customer demands, and emerging trends, helping your organization stay competitive.


6. BICEP CURLS for Employee Engagement

Your middle managers have a direct impact on employee morale. A strong middle management layer fosters a positive work culture and ensures that your employees feel valued and motivated.


7. YOGA, STRETCHING, and MASSAGE for Succession Planning

Developing your robust middle management layer is also crucial for your long-term leadership succession planning. By nurturing and promoting talent from within, your organization reduces the risk associated with leadership vacuums.


Strengthening your core middle management layer is not just an option; it’s a strategic imperative for any organization aspiring to achieve sustainable measurable success. These leaders are the glue that holds your organization together, translating vision into action and driving your organization toward its goals. Investing in their development and empowerment is an investment in the future viability of your organization.

The BEST BOSS BOOTCAMP is the leadership gym that you’re looking for. Let’s strengthen your core and build your organizational muscle! Connect with me so I can tell you all about our comprehensive training and coaching program for your core managers. It just might be the “leadership gym” that’s perfect for you and your managers.

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