What We Do

We work with you, your people, and your organization to develop and motivate in four key areas:


“People don’t leave their jobs — they leave their bosses.”

So often high-performers are promoted to supervision roles with no training or development in the specific competencies required to manage and motivate others.

Unleashed Consulting brings out the best in people so they excel in their job performance. We do this through developing supervisors so they can deeply motivate, engage, challenge, and support their direct reports in ways they hadn’t realized. Why settle for 100% performance when you can get 150%?

Coaching Individuals

Personal motivation is the secret sauce of work engagement and productivity.

Unleashed Consulting unlocks the power of your motivation by working with you on strong, effective professional and personal development through strength-based performance coaching, identifying and disempowering your personal “saboteurs”, and building your own powerful set of transformative leadership practices.

We work with you to capture the heart, direct the head, and carve the clear path to success for yourself, and for those you supervise.


Bringing forth collective wisdom and insight is a challenge with any group or team.

Unleashed Consulting works with you to identify the most effective process and facilitation approach to garner excellence from any community — whether a community of employees, colleagues, or disparate stakeholders.

Yes, it’s possible to honor everyone’s contribution — and yes, we can move an entire group through problem-solving and conflict to shared solutions and consensus.

Strategic Planning

Unleashed Consulting works with you in robust planning processes (strategy, training, culture transformation, etc.) that clearly assess your needs, your “desired future state”, and then identify the detailed achievable path to drive bottom-line success.

We are “process consultants” who include input from your key stakeholders when consulting with you. But beyond that, we work with you to create interventions that work. No more binders gathering dust on the shelf. Instead, we help you craft engaging SMART plans and strategies that are dynamic, inviting, and powerful maps for the future.