The Extinction of the Office:
Flexible or Foolhardy?

An August 28th New York Times article says, “It’s been more than two years since the rules of the working world snapped. On all sides of the debate over returning to the office, the stakes feel high as ever. More than one-third of U.S. workers who can do their jobs from home want to stay permanently remote, according to recent data from Gallup. Meanwhile, executives realize that if they don’t persuade their employees to come back now, with pandemic restrictions eased in most areas, the new norms of flexible work will be hard to unstick. So, some sense a standoff coming. Bosses say the office deadlines are real; workers are testing just how much they mean that.

And an August 18th Wall Street Journal headline said:
This Summer, the Boss Is in the Office While Employees Hit the Beach –  Managers hoping to coax workers back to the office are trading their ocean views at vacation homes for seas of empty desks; ‘It’s pretty lonely.’

During this Executive Forum on October 25th, we will feature lead researcher for the Bridgify Research Group, Dr. Patty Delgado, to share the latest findings on what’s really going on – and how to best respond to our new “e-leadership” workplace – ie, where we primarily now lead through “electronic leadership”.

I’ll also be sharing the latest research and recommendations for “working in the office” – are we well past the assumption that the physical workspace needs to go the way of the dinosaurs? Can we get the “quiet quitting” genie back in the bottle?

Is it time to completely rethink the workplace and how we house our people? What are the best predictions and best-practices to consider if and when you need to make that decision?

We’ll also be discussing what are the best-practices and recommendations for managing your people remotely and in the hybrid work environment. What does the research say that your people need from you now?

We will be meeting Tuesday, October 25, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm ET on Zoom.

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