Evaluation & Feedback 101

Are you frustrated with yourself and your people not able to give/receive feedback with each other?

Do you have an employee review process that funnels an entire year's worth of feedback into one meeting that everyone dreads?

Do you have a "culture of silence" where no one gives direct, honest feedback to each other - or a "culture of rage" where feedback is given TOO directly without care or personal regard?


Are you ready to learn how to give and get direct, powerful feedback
from your team, colleagues, direct reports and boss?

Check out our new Unleashed mini course: Evaluation & Feedback 101 ... composed of 4 on-line learning modules -- each with short (15-20 minute) instruction videos, downloadable resources, and your own on-line commitment log -- all available to you for a full year!

Here's what included:


Through the EVALUATION & FEEDBACK 101 course you will...

Go to work every day confident that you and your team are stronger than ever in the ability to give and receive challenging feedback!

Empower yourself and your team with the specific tools and new skills needed to give and receive respectful feedback ON A DAILY BASIS!

Create a team culture where feedback is the norm - given effectively and received gratefully!





When you complete the EVALUATION & FEEDBACK 101 course you will...

Learn to use 3 powerful feedback tools that will transform how you communicate with your team, your colleagues, and even your boss.

Know how to organize and deliver powerful performance reviews on a regular (daily) basis! No more once-a-year dreaded "annual reviews."

Have learned how to apply the key principles, strategies, and tactics from The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni and Radical Candor by Kim Scott -- to create a "culture of feedback" for you and your team!



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