Ep. #9 | Debbie Scheer – Leading with Humor – Do’s and Dont’s

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Debbie Scheer is a speaker, emcee, benefit auctioneer and humorist. She uses humor as the access point to engage in important conversations.

In this episode we’re talking about the importance of humor in the workplace. Debbie believes there is a place for humor at work and that it can be a positive influence on how people connect with each other.


What you will learn …

  • What to do if your attempt at humor doesn’t land the way you expected it to
  • How to overcome the fear of saying the wrong thing
  • How to find humorous nuggets even if you don’t think you’re “funny”
  • How to use humor to create connection

Resources mentioned in episode:

Debbie’s Website 
Debbie on Facebook 
Debbie on Instagram 
Unleashed Consulting 

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