Ep. #7 | Robyn Hatcher – You Gotta Own It While You Hone It

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Robyn Hatcher, founder and CEO of SpeakEtc., is a speaker, communications expert, author, thought leader, and award-winning actor. Her mission is to create stronger personal brands, more inclusive communication and culture, and more engaging and powerful conversations.

She has successfully trained and coached thousands of business professionals and middle managers from Fortune 500 companies and noteworthy brands.

In this episode we’re talking to Robyn about her idea of “own it while you hone it” — to always be improving yourself — an important concept for managers and leaders. You were hired for a reason, you were promoted for a reason, dig down into what those reasons are and own them and then continually expand upon them.

What you will learn …

  • What it means to “own it while you hone it”
  • The only way to be a good manager is to be a good YOU
  • How to excavate your gold
  • How being your authentic self equals being your most effective self
  • What executive or leadership presence means and why you need it

Resources mentioned in this episode

Unleashed Consulting

Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett
Your Brain at Work by Dr. David Rock

Robyn’s Website
Robyn on LinkedIn
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Robyn on Twitter


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