Ep. #44 | Suzanne Jabour – Leading Through Grief & Loss (Part 2)

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In this poignant episode, Danny welcomes back special guest Suzanne Jabour, author, consultant, and “grief expert,” who shares her insights on how leaders can navigate the complexities of sorrow, grief, and loss in the 2024 workplace.

Suzanne brings a unique perspective, intertwining her personal experiences with grief and loss with the demands of leadership. Join us as she reflects on the intersection of vulnerability, resilience, and effective leadership in the face of life’s inevitable sorrows.

Danny and Suzanne talk about …

  • Understanding and addressing grief within professional environments and its impact on both productivity and workplace culture.
  • The significant financial costs associated with unaddressed grief, estimated at $125 billion annually in lost productivity, turnover, and extended leaves.
  • Inadequacies of current bereavement leave policies, and suggestions for a more realistic bereavement leave to cover the acute phase of grief.
  • The role of leaders in acknowledging and processing grief, advocating for emotional honesty and vulnerability to foster a supportive work environment.
  • Using a “Grief Inventory” tool to help teams acknowledge and process collective and individual grief, promoting emotional resilience.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified workplace grief, leading to rapid decision-making and subsequent emotional consequences.
  • The importance of emotional intelligence and agility in leadership
  • Practical approaches such as emotional inventories and acknowledging the importance of creating safe spaces for emotional expression in the workplace.
  • How external facilitators can help navigate the shift towards a more emotionally intelligent and responsive workplace.
  • The need to create a culture where grief is acknowledged and then constructively moved past, advocating for honest expression followed by focused action.

Suzanne Recommends …

For listeners interested in more audio content related to grief and Suzanne’s work, there’s a curated list of her top 10 favorite podcast interviews available at https://suzannejabour.com/podcasts

Get Suzanne’s Grief at Work ebook here: https://www.suzannejabour.com/book


Get in Touch with Suzanne …

For further guidance on understanding and managing grief within your team or organization, feel free to reach out to Suzanne. She offers extensive experience as a grief educator and provides workshops, training, and one-on-one coaching to help cultivate a supportive and emotionally intelligent workplace.


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