EP. #43 | Suzanne Jabour – Grief at Work: Navigating Loss

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Join us in this insightful episode as we sit down with grief expert Suzanne Jabour to explore the nuanced landscape of navigating grief and loss in the workplace.

Discover practical strategies and compassionate leadership approaches that empower leaders to create supportive environments, fostering resilience and understanding during challenging times. Gain valuable insights on how organizations can not only acknowledge but also genuinely value the grieving process, promoting a culture of empathy and growth.

Suzanne shares her wealth of knowledge to guide leaders in cultivating workplaces that honor the human experience of grief, ultimately leading to stronger, more compassionate teams.

Danny and Suzanne talk about …

  • Suzanne’s work on navigating loss is transformative at both individual and organizational levels.
  • How Suzanne’s role as a grief educator extends beyond personal grief to helping organizations and their leadership address and anticipate grief.
  • The importance of understanding a broader definition of grief that encompasses all forms of loss, leading to grief in various contexts.
  • The necessity for leaders to create a culture of safety and openness where grief and loss can be acknowledged and discussed.
  • The impact of unaddressed grief on workplace productivity, engagement, and retention, highlighting the need for proactive grief management strategies.
  • The concept of “grief literacy” – educating oneself and others to better understand and navigate grief, reducing fear and stigma associated with it.
  • The significance of leadership in setting the tone for how grief is addressed within an organization, emphasizing vulnerability and honesty.
  • Strategies for reintegrating grieving employees, such as personalized support and practical assistance, to help them transition back to productivity.
  • The potential for grief policies and support systems within organizations to not only aid grieving employees but also enhance overall team cohesion and workplace culture.
  • The broader implications of effectively managing grief in the workplace, including improved organizational health, talent retention, and becoming an employer of choice.

Suzanne Recommends …

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