Ep #40 – Barb Bickford – Meeting Mastery: Stop Wasting Your Time!

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In this episode of the Best Boss Podcast with Danny Ceballos, join Danny and special guest, Barb Bickford, as they unveil essential strategies to revolutionize your organization’s meetings. Discover actionable tips to maximize productivity, eliminate time-wasting habits, and navigate the dos and don’ts for more effective and engaging gatherings. Stop wasting your time and start mastering the art of meetings!

Key Takeaways …

  • Engaging all participants early in the meeting helps encourage active involvement.
  • Creating connections among participants enhances engagement and collaboration.
  • Establishing trust through confidentiality and respect agreements is crucial for open communication.
  • Active listening and inclusivity, especially of dissenting opinions, can build trust among team members.
  • Co-creating agendas and outcomes can foster ownership and commitment to meeting objectives.
  • Avoiding meetings for mere information dissemination can save valuable time and resources.
  • Implementing small, experimental changes in meetings can lead to more effective and enjoyable gatherings.\
  • Preparing thoughtful agendas with clear objectives can guide meetings towards productivity.
  • Using liberating structures can revitalize meetings by encouraging creative and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Allowing thinking time before discussions can include and value contributions from all participants, enhancing inclusivity.

Barb Recommends …

Where The Action Is by J. Elise Keith
Liberating Structures

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