EP. #39 – Rick Maurer – Navigating Your People’s Resistance to Change

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In this insightful episode of the Best Boss Podcast, host Danny Ceballos delves into the intricate world of change management with author and consultant Rick Maurer. Listen in as they explore the nuanced dynamics of how individuals and organizations navigate change, emphasizing the importance of engaging people in the processes that affect them. Maurer, renowned for his approach “Change Without Migraines,” shares his wealth of experience and the philosophy that change, when managed well, can elevate morale and commitment within an organization.

Danny and Rick talk about …

  • Rick’s unique approach to change management, emphasizing engagement and positive outcomes.
  • The common issue of resistance to change in organizations and insights on addressing it effectively.
  • The concept of “resistance” as a dynamic interaction rather than a fixed trait in individuals.
  • The identification of three levels of resistance: lack of understanding, emotional reactions based on fear, and lack of trust.
  • Strategies for leaders to diagnose and address these levels of resistance in their teams.
  • The importance of trust and clear communication in facilitating change and overcoming resistance.
  • Real-life examples illustrating successful change management practices.
  • The role of leadership in setting a conducive environment for change and fostering a culture of openness and adaptability.
  • Practical tips for leaders on engaging their teams through focus groups and direct, candid conversations.
  • The concept of “management by wandering around” as an effective way to understand and address team concerns in a more informal, approachable manner.

Rick Recommends …

Beyond the Wall of Resistance: Why 70% of All Changes Still Fail and What You Can Do About It by Rick Maurer

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