EP. #37 – “It’s Not Personal!” is a Lot More Personal Than You Think

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In the premier relaunch episode of the Best Boss Podcast, host Danny Ceballos focuses on the essential but often neglected aspect of people skills in leadership. Danny discusses how senior executives, while experts in their fields, may lack training in managing and leading people. He emphasizes the importance of personal investment in staff, advocating for leadership that is deeply personal, intimate, and trust-based.

The episode also explores the changing dynamics of the workplace post-pandemic and the influence of Generation Z on workplace expectations, and highlights the concept of investing in people as a key leadership strategy.

Key Points …

  • People Skills in Senior Leadership: The necessity for senior leaders to develop effective people management skills.
  • Personal Investment in Staff: Approaching leadership as a deeply personal and trust-based relationship.
  • Transformational Relationships: The importance of building transformational, not just transactional, relationships with employees.
  • Changes in the Post-Pandemic Workplace: Adapting to the evolving work environment and employee expectations after the pandemic.
  • Influence of Generation Z: Understanding how Gen Z is reshaping workplace norms and expectations.
  • Recognizing Employee Motivations: The significance of acknowledging and valuing employees’ personal motivations and values.
  • Whole Person Approach: Emphasizing the need to address both the professional and personal needs of employees.
  • Leadership Coaching and Training: The role and benefits of leadership coaching and training in enhancing management skills.
  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace: Creating an environment where employees feel valued, heard, and psychologically safe.

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