Ep. #36 | Lindsay McKinnon – Resilience, Resolve and Renewal

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In this riveting episode, we dive deep into the realm of resilience with trauma-informed integrative somatic healing and resiliency coach, Lindsay McKinnon. Lindsay’s personal journey of enduring immense trauma and finding resilience is both heartbreaking and inspiring. We discuss the neuroscience behind trauma, the tools one can use to address trauma and its aftermath, and the importance of understanding our body’s signals to lead more effectively. For leaders and managers, this episode emphasizes the role of somatic healing in managing oneself, understanding one’s past, and leading with clarity and authenticity.

Lindsay shares actionable insights on how leaders can regulate their emotions using somatic tools like box breathing and tapping. She sheds light on how trauma shapes our reactions and how leaders can navigate these reactions both for their personal growth and to better guide their teams. This episode provides a profound look into how understanding our past and employing somatic tools can pave the way for stronger, more empathetic leadership.

Danny and Lindsay talk about …

  • The significance of resilience in leadership and its impact on team dynamics.
  • The concept of resiliency as a characteristic trait, a process, and a result.
  • The neuroscience behind trauma, including the understanding of the polyvagal theory.
  • How leaders and managers can address their traumas and triggers to lead more effectively.
  • The importance of awareness in understanding and regulating our responses.
  • Introduction and deep dive into somatic tools such as box breathing and tapping.
  • The role of the body’s wisdom, especially through the vagus nerve, in regulating emotions.
  • The disparity between addressing trauma through talking (20%) and somatic experiences (80%).
  • The potential biases and misconceptions our bodies can hold and how to navigate them.
  • Using somatic practices as a toolkit for maintaining presence and clarity in leadership situations.

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