Ep. #35 | Kendall LaPorte – Your Shadow: Uncovering the Unconscious

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Kendall LaPorte is a seasoned Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach with a diverse background spanning various sectors. She brings a keen interest in leadership development and extensive experience in change management as well as learning and development. Particularly in the biotech realm, what distinguishes Kendall is her passion for fostering consciousness and intentionality into everyday life, coupled with her unique perspective on using challenges as valuable tools for growth.

In this episode, we’re talking about “shadow work.” Kendall clarifies that our shadow consists of characteristics we repress, but can offer valuable insights when acknowledged and integrated. Recognizing our shadow can improve our self-awareness and make us more empathetic in interactions, whether at work or in personal relationships.

Danny and Kendall talk about …

  • Shadow Work Origins: The concept dates back to Carl Jung and focuses on recognizing and integrating repressed characteristics to attain a balanced self.
  • Political Shadows: Extreme political opinions can serve as an excellent lens for examining our own repressed qualities and biases.
  • Start with Empathy: Empathy should be the starting point for any interpersonal interaction, helping to see the humanity in others even when our shadows clash.
  • Objectifying the Shadow: Rather than being subject to our predispositions and attitudes, objectifying them allows for a clearer analysis and conscious action.
  • Positive Shadows: Imposter syndrome could be an example of a “positive shadow,” a repressed quality or skill that you possess but don’t acknowledge, which can be unearthed to build self-confidence.

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