Ep. #30 | Lisa Stokes – Climate Change for Managers: What Can I Do?

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Lisa Stokes, President of Kavi Consulting Services, has led organizations through game changing transitions. She is a consultant, trainer and nationally recognized speaker who has coached hundreds of professionals to lead transformative and lasting change.

Like many of us Lisa grew concerned about evolving climate issues and the environment. She decided to figure out what she could do with what she had in her life, her strengths, and her business and studied sustainability leadership at Cambridge.

In this episode we’re talking about what each of us, as managers and leaders, can do to move sustainability forward in our organizations.


What you will learn …

  • Why this work matters and how it should lead your mission
  • How to build resilience within ourselves when it feels overwhelming, working with your strengths
  • Why sustainability can be an employee retention issue
  • What your potential role is and how you can make a difference
  • How to partner with employees and people in the workplace to help them find opportunities, and identify needs or systems that might need to change
  • Daily habits in the workplace (and our lives) that can help reverse/curb climate change


Resources mentioned in episode:

Lisa’s Website 
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Lisa on LinkedIn 
Lisa on Twitter 

Unleashed Consulting 

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