Ep. #29 | Nathalie Huerta – Sometimes it Sucks! Making Hard Decisions

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[Notice: If you’re offended by adult language, you might want to listen to another episode. 😉]

Nathalie Huerta is founder of The Queer Gym. For the past 14 years she has shaped and evolved her company based on her own experience as a lesbian who is into fitness but totally over all the extra BS she sees people — especially LGBTQ+ people — experience in a gym. An athlete all of her life, and the eighth out of a family of 10, she knows a thing or two about building a community and empowering that community to take over the world. Nathalie is an organizational leader, a business owner, and a team leader. She’s been through some hard experiences and has made tough decisions with her staff, her company and in the community.

In this episode we’re talking to leaders — middle managers in particular — who make hard decisions or end up being at the brunt end of hard decisions. Sometimes these decisions are hurtful. Nathalie shares some of her own hard decisions and how she uses what she’s learned to help her be a better leader.

“You only lose if you give up. You’ve got to stay in the game.”


What you will learn … 

  • Why you need to talk about “human stuff” with your team, not just business
  • How changing your language about a situation can promote success as opposed to avoiding failure
  • Why you should think of problems like a heartbeat
  • Why it’s important to set shared values for your team


Resources mentioned in episode:

Nathalie’s Website 
Nathalie on LinkedIn  

Unleashed Consulting 

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