Ep. #28 | Ana Melikian – The Happiness Fallacy

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Ana Melikian, Ph.D. combines her expertise in psychology with her trademark optimism to help people explore and embrace possibilities beyond their comfort zone. She is the host of The Mindset Zone podcast which helps her audience break through their mindset limitation, upgrade the mind’s operating system and achieve better results than ever while enjoying the process.

We know that when people are in a positive place they’re more productive. They have fewer health problems and teams work better. But there is a lot of misleading information out there about happiness and what it really means.

Through her personal revelations and her experience as a Ph.D. in Psychology, Ana came to understand that happiness cannot be forced. But with guidance and patience, it can be cultivated in our daily lives. She shares with us her latest research and work in self-development, including the PIE method.


What you will learn … 

  • What happiness really means (and why it’s like a plant)
  • Why “working on being happy” isn’t the best way to increase happiness
  • If 50% of happiness is dependent on genetics, and 10% on life circumstances, how can you leverage the other 40%?
  • What you can do to build your own happiness and still be effective in your leadership role
  • New ways to increase your self-awareness


Resources mentioned in episode:

The Mindset Zone Podcast with Ana Melikian 

Ana’s Website 
Ana on LinkedIn 

Unleashed Consulting 

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