Ep. #27 | Name: Cynthia Gene Maloney – From Pain to Purpose

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Cynthia Gene Maloney is an integrative well-being coach, award winning healer and speaker. She specializes in holistic well-being and burnout prevention. After 25 years in small business marketing and operations, Cynthia pivoted her career to bring her knowledge to coaching and consulting. She helps her clients fully integrate mind, body, heart and soul to meet their professional and personal goals.

In this episode we unpack what it means to move from pain to purpose and the five key steps for doing so.


What you will learn … 

  • How to look at things in a non-traditional way to uncover gifts and opportunities
  • The 5 P’s from Pain to Purpose
  • Why pausing with intention throughout the day can improve your performance
  • Essential oils that can help you be more productive


Resources mentioned in episode:

Changes Cards 
Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine 
Cynthia’s Website 
Cynthia on LinkedIn

Unleashed Consulting 

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