Ep. #24 | Dave Edwards & Helen Edwards – Make Better Decisions!

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Dave and Helen Edwards empower people to be better decision-makers and problem-solvers in the complex age of machines and data. They are co-founders of Sonder Studio — a research, education and consulting company that helps leaders better craft decision-making practices and problem-solving processes for the future of work.

We’re talking about how to develop your understanding of the decision-making process and how/why intuition plays a role. Plus how you can develop a high level of confidence in your decision-making skills and process in an ever-growing digital world.


What you will learn … 

  • How to make better decisions when surrounded by a complex mix of Big Data
  • How to practice and build your decision making muscle
  • How to find your emotional sweet spot so you can respond, rather than react when making decisions
  • Why it’s important to engage your metacognition (thinking about how you think)


Resources mentioned in episode:

Make Better Decisions: How to Improve Your Decision-Making in the Digital Age by Dave Edwards and Helen Edwards 

Podcast: Artificiality with Helen and Dave Edwards 

Sonder Studio Website 
Sonder Studio on LinkedIn 
Sonder Studio on Facebook

Unleashed Consulting 

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