Ep. #20 | Kimra Luna – Bring Your Activism to Your Work

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Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist — and a social activist. Kimra is the co-conspirator to Idaho Abortion Rights, a mutual aid organization that supports abortion-seeking Idahoans with transportation and child care during their abortion procedures. She is also the founder of the Riot Doll Society community on Discord and the host of the Riot Doll show on YouTube. Their community and chapter cover topics on online business, self-healing, sex, love, relationships, music, sensuality, self-love, psychology, and activism.

Kimra has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine and The New York Times and interviewed on over 100 podcasts.

In this episode Kimra and I analyze how managers and leaders who feel strongly and passionately about a social issue can bring those core values to the workplace in compassionate activism.


What you will learn …

  • Why it’s important to know your personal values and live in alignment with those values
  • How you can support others by standing up for them and checking in
  • How to do little things that make a big difference
  • How to be an advocate for others in the workplace
  • How to live your truth in the workplace, even when you know you may not be supported by your organization


Resources mentioned in episode:

Kimra’s Website 
Kimra on Twitch 
Kimra on Instagram 
Kimra on YouTube 

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