Ep. #19 | Raewyn Guerrero – Being the BEST BOSS of Your Own Health!

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Raewyn Guerrero is a best selling author, CBT hypnotherapist, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant who helps high performing people manifest their dream lives through dream health.

Raewyn’s mission is to correct the beliefs that sickness is normal, aging is inevitable, and pharmaceuticals equal health. She is spreading the research-backed truth that the gut and the brain are connected, and that the future of medicine is personalized nutrition.

In this episode we’re taking a hard look at the things that fuel you and fill you up for increased productivity, focus and effectiveness throughout your day. From sleep to the food you’re eating to the people you spend time with to support systems at work … it all matters!


What you will learn … 

  • The top two things to look at when your energy level is suffering
  • Why it’s crucial to slow down, make time to be strategic and evaluate where you are being your most valuable
  • How to support your people with check-ins and resources
  • How to “rest for success”


Resources mentioned in episode:

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