Ep. #18 | Rose Ann Forte – Bringing Your Faith to Work

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Rose Ann Forte has a diverse background as a CPA, and now a life coach and best selling author of “The Plans He Has For Me” – a daily devotional for people who want to put alcohol to the side of their busy lives for 12 consecutive weeks.

Rose Ann also comes from a strong faith-based background and in this episode we’re talking about how to bring your full self into the workplace — including your religious faith and beliefs.

It doesn’t matter what faith we come from. As leaders and managers we want to touch and inspire people through our actions. It’s important to become more confident in this faith-filled part of yourself, bring it into the workplace in a thoughtful way, and stop trying to fit into something different.


What you will learn … 

  • How leaning into your faith at work can make you a better leader or manager
  • About “mirror neurons” and how those affect people in the workplace
  • Why you must be both authentic and effective, and how to make that work
  • 3 wisdom tips for creating more peace, calm and joy in your life and work


Resources mentioned in episode:

The Plans He Has For Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol by Rose Ann Forte 

Rose Ann’s Website 
Rose Ann on LinkedIn 
Rose Ann on Facebook

Unleashed Consulting 

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