Ep. #17 | Linda Stacy – Rising Above the Messiness of Work

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Linda Stacy is host of Work Dope, a podcast about the messiness and the potential of humans at work. She is also a management consultant.

Linda believes that a lot of resources like coaching and training are funneled toward executive level leaders and not enough goes to middle management. She is on a mission to bring top-level resources to everyone so they can have a more satisfying and engaged experience in the workplace.

In this episode we’re talking about the messiness of the workplace for middle managers plus insights and strategies for creating a rich experience while unpacking your true potential.


What you will learn …

  • Why the combination of mindset and skill set are crucial to middle managers
  • Why it’s important to be clear on your own values — what is authentically true for you — so you can operate from your gifts as a manager
  • Why self-evaluation is critical and how to work it into your daily life
  • The value of doing a “mind dump” preview of your week and even your day to sort priorities and stay focused
  • Why you must build self-care into your life and work


Resources mentioned in episode:

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