Ep. #15 | Donna McNichol – You Don’t Have to Be a Firefighter Manager!

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Donna McNichol has worked in healthcare most of her professional life as a program and personnel manager. She is currently Practice Manager for Alameda Health System and oversees outpatient infusion services there. She supervises 40+ employees from nurses to medical assistants to patient care representatives.

As a successful front-line manager, we’re talking to Donna about her expertise in managing people and creating practical systems that can keep us from operating in firefighter mode — always putting out fires and reacting in emergency mode.

Having strategic plans in place creates a workplace that is less stressful, more fun and leaves you and your team with energy to handle true emergencies that cannot be prevented.


What you will learn … 

  • How to manage people with different different personalities and different perspectives to avoid the “drama zone”.
  • Why it’s important to spend most of your time dealing with situations and thinking about work that’s important but not urgent.
  • How to stay away from emergency management all the time — reacting to things, putting out fires.
  • It’s not about just getting the work done, there’s a lot of energy management that needs to happen for you and your team.
  • Why you should debrief after an incident with the focus on your systems and how to prevent it from happening again.

Resources mentioned in episode:

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Unleashed Consulting 

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