Ep. #12 | Rita Sever – Leading for Justice: Tips to Walk Your Talk

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Rita Sever is an author, coach, consultant and trainer working with mission-driven organizations in becoming exceptional places of employment. She helps individuals, teams and leaders to improve the culture and practice of supervision and HR helping the organization to be more effective, inclusive, and just. She is the author of two books: “Supervision Matters” and “Leading for Justice”.

In this episode we’re talking about how important it is for managers and leaders to “walk their talk” by bringing the values of social justice inside the organization through supervision, HR and culture.

What you will learn …

  • How to get your work done by deeply connecting to the people you supervise – treating them as individuals and valued humans.
  • How to navigate balancing the needs of your organization with the needs of your people.
  • How to become a more just, inclusive, and respected supervisor
  • How to work with staff so they feel engaged, content and satisfied and committed to their work.
  • How hard conversations and conflict resolution fit into and support justice and equity.
  • What managers can do to support equity and help staff feel like they truly belong.

Resources mentioned in episode:

Supervision Matters: 100 Bite-Sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team by Rita Sever 

Leading for Justice: Supervision, HR and Culture by Rita Sever 

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