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Dr. Patty Delgado is an Industrial Organizational (IO) psychologist and CEO/founder of The Bridgify Group, a boutique research firm that focuses on bridging and translating research with practice to address leadership and management challenges. She understands the value of a diverse workforce where leaders and employees create a cohesive work environment that represents and celebrates each person’s differences and together create a culture of connection and true leadership. With all the change and upheaval in our current workforce, it’s incumbent on our middle managers supervising the core of our organizations to really get in touch with what is important for their people in order to thrive and provide the added value we need for our bottom lines.

Research shows that middle managers are becoming more stressed out and more frustrated than any other level manager. In this episode, we talk about why it is vital that executives and senior leaders take time to foster and support their middle managers — and what middle managers can do right now to advocate for their own learning and leadership development.

What you will learn …

  • Why it’s crucial for organizations to invest in their middle managers — in their training, career advancement and supporting them
  • How to craft your message to be heard by your executive team
  • How the roles of leader and manager are evolving into a co-partnership
  • Why it’s important for middle managers to have a growth mindset, to be continually learning
  • The 5 main areas that middle managers should be focusing on when trying to train up or advance their skillset


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Uncolonized Latinas: Transforming Our Mindsets and Rising Together by Valeria Aloe

Unleashed Consulting
Dr. Patty’s website
Dr. Patty on LinkedIn
Dr. Patty on Instagram

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